Hitachi Branch of Ibaraki University Library


  1. 1. Floor Plan
  2. 2. Library Opening Hours
  3. 3. Library Holidays
  4. 4. Borrowing and Returning
  5. 5. How to find Books and Journals
  6. 6. Reference Service
  7. 7. Inter Library Loan
  8. 8. Using other Institute's Library
  9. 9. Copying at the Library
  10. 10. Address
  11. 11. Library Calendar
  12. 12. Basic Library Rules

1. Floor Plan

2. Library Opening Hours

(1)Library Opening Hours

 Monday - FridaySaturdaySunday
Usually 8:30-21:45 11:00-19:00 11:00-19:00
In Long Vacation Period 8:30-17:00 *closed closed

*In summer vacation period, Hitachi branch of Ibaraki University library is open (13:20 - 16:50).


Services are available as follows.
ServicesMonday - FridaySaturday&Sunday
Borrowing and Returning MaterialsAnytime available when the library is open
Copying Documents(by yourself)Anytime available when the library is open
Reference Service8:30-17:00not available
Inter Library Loan8:30-17:00not available

3. Library Holidays

National Holidays of Japan
Foundation Day of Ibaraki University (May 31st)
Holidays of Ibaraki University
Beginning and End of the Year
Saturdays and Sundays in the Long Vacation Period
For the yearly schedule of library closure, please see the library calendar.

4. Borrowing and Returning


Students and Staff of Ibaraki University can use the library. Non Ibaraki University members also can use the library.


Bring your ID card (issued by Ibaraki University) to the counter.

Library card for non Ibaraki University member is issued at the counter.
(Show some identification such as a health insurance card or a driver's license.)


Bring materials you'd like to borrow and show your ID card or Library card at the counter.


Who You areAble to borrow at one timeTermExtend a Term
Student Freshman - Junior Student 10 14days 1time
Senior Student1528days1time
Graduate Student2028days1time

Who You areAble to borrow at one timeTermExtend a Term
Staff and Graduate Student57days(bound)not available
52days(not bound)not available

[Audio Visual Materials]
Who You areAble to borrow at one timeTermExtend a Term
Every User57daysnot available


All materials should be returned to the counter.

When the library is closing, you can return them to the drop box.

When you return journals and audio visual materials, please don't return them to the drop box as they may get damaged.

You have to return what you borrowed by the day you were told. If you don't, you'll be punished. You won't be able to borrow books and other materials anymore(For example, if you delay for 5 days, you cannot borrow materials for 5 days).

Other Conditions

There are some materials that cannot be borrowed.

You can also extend the borrowing term. For example, if you are freshman student, you can borrow books for 14days and extend the borrowing term one more time (In other words, you can borrow books for 28days in sum total). If you'd like to do that, you must bring materials you borrowed to the counter and tell librarians to extend the borrowing term. Please take the procedure by the day you were told.

When books are borrowed out and not available, you can reserve those books at the counter. Tell librarians the ID of those books.You also can reserve books by yourself using the library's web page.

5. How to find Books and Journals

You can find them by OPAC.If you couldn't find it, ask librarians.

You can search E-journals using the web page.

6. Reference Service

If you have any question or trouble, ask librarians.

7. Inter Library Loan

Click here for the details.

Photoduplication Service

You can get copies of documents from other institute's library (at your cost).

Inter Library Loan

You can also borrow books from other institute's library (at your cost).

8. Using other Institute's Library

If you'd like to use other institute's library, ask librarians.You need a letter of introduction.

9. Copying at the Library

You can copy library materials under the limitation of the Copyright Law (at your cost).

10. Address

Hitachi Branch Library of Ibaraki University Library
〒316-8511 Nakanarusawa-cho 4-12-1, Hitachi-shi, Ibaraki-ken, JAPAN
Take a bus to "IBA-DAI-MAE"(茨大前)at Hitachi station or Hitachi-Taga station of JR (Joban-line).
Access Guide


11. Library Calendar

Library Calendar 2015 (PDF)

12. Basic Library Rules

Basic Library Rules(in Japanese)